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New Interns enrolled in Bir Hospital in different departments.
Bir Hospital Result out. 72 selected for internship. Enter for result
Training on Surgical Techniques  is going to be held in Army Hospital from 14-16 Baisakh for Consultants and Registrars of various surgical departments.
Welcome to Our Site
This is the unofficial website of Bir Hospital by the interns of the hospital. The contents in the sites are made to give information about the viewers about Bir Hospital. The site is especially created for interns/preinterns to notify them about the happening events of the hospital.
Also, we had tried our best to give ideas to the upcoming interns about the entrance exam
with some previous questions and some important topics.
Your every comments and suggestions will be appreciated.
You can write to our guestbook.

* Some important topics for Bir Hospital Entrance Examination for interns
Questions 2065 Bhadra 25
1. mediastinal mass with sail sign: thymus
2. in which disease, parasite borrows in human skin: scabies
3. in xray , air bronchogram is seen in : lung collapse
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