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Internship in Bir Hospital

Bir Hospital is the ideal place for internship. There are about 68 seats with recognized departments:
General Medicine: 1.5 months
Special Medicine: 1.5 months
 - includes Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Neurology, Hepatology, Cardiology. Each department 1 week
General SUrgery: 1.5 months
Orthopedics: 15 days
Urology: 15 days
Gastrosurgery: 15 Days
ENT: 15 days
Anesthesia: 15 days
Emergency: 15 days

Role of Interns in Hospital
- Interns does the duty under Medical Officer or Post Graduate Students.
- writes the history and perform physical examination.
- Attend classes, case presentations along with post graduate students.
- Present cases in the Round.
- Interns are assigned with particular beds and patients. so they are responsible to manage all the investigations and daily progression notes of the patients.
- Perform some procedures under supervision: Lumbar Puncture, Pleural and Peritonial tapping, Cathererization, Endotracial Intubation, suturing and dressing, circumcision & assisting in operation.
- Attend OPD and allowed to prescribe under supervision.

Duration in internship in Bir Hospital : 7.5 months

Other Departments in Bir Hospital
Cardio Thoracic surgery

* Interns are not rotated to these departments.
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